World Ocean's Day

 World Ocean's Day

Amazing photos from World Ocean Day website and Unsplash

Tomorrow is World Ocean's Day - June 8th.

Our Oceans are so important to the health of our whole planet. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to the ocean and marine life. It is also something we can all help fix! Saying no to plastic bags, plastic straws - any single use plastic is a great place to start. Have you already started giving up plastic at your home or school - we would love you to share what you are doing to help inspire other people. Share a video or pic about what you are doing for World Ocean Day, or what you do everyday- on your social media, in the comments section here.

If you would like some help learning about how to give up plastic - you can join my 21 day plastic free detox course! It’s free today for World Oceans Day! Let’s all care for the ocean and the marine life by letting go of the plastic!

With downloadable DIY reminders to hang on your door knob, stick on your dashboard or attach to your keyring … this program is serious about breaking up with plastic bags.

This video was made by 17 Students in Hawaii about protecting the ocean from plastic pollution. Awesome work!

Share what you are doing to protect the ocean from plastic pollution! Let’s all work together!

What is your favourite marine animal?

Amazing photos from Unsplash

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