Tie up your Tomatoes

Tie up your Tomatoes

Celebrate Global Wind Day - 15 June

Discover wind energy! Wind is amazing, but what is it? Here is a video that explains - why the wind blows!

Wind can be great fun - it’s excellent for flying kites, scrapboy loves building kites! It’s also great for drying the washing, hang gliding and other windy sports. It pushes sailing boats along in the ocean. It makes the leaves move in the trees - I love that sound! If you swing your arms around you can feel the wind that you create!

Here are some activity ideas that you could do on Global Wind Day!

Make a kite,

a hand fan to create wind,

a windchime,

a pinwheel or

a boat from sticks.

Some things I have to be careful of in the windy weather - is tying up the tomatoes so they don’t get blown away. You can do this with some soft material scraps, stockings or string. What are you careful of in the windy weather in your garden?

What do you love most about the wind? I’d love to know. You can share your wind stories, pix and video with my on social media.

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Have a wonderfully windy day!

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