Win a Worm Farm!

Win a Worm Farm!

It's World Environment Day Today! Yay!

I am so excited about today! So much is going on! We will be giving away a worm farm from Worm Lovers! They really love worms - and so do I! Did you know that having a worm farm, a compost or using your green organics bin can help us avoid air-pollution? It really does! And thats what we are talking about today for World Environment Day.

How can you win a worm farm? Jump on over to Instagram, follow us and get ready to watch the live streaming of the giveaway . If you answer my worm question right! You Win - and so does the environment!

Click on this link to pop over to Instagram - and win a worm farm!

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I made you a playlist for your World Environment Day. Here you can have a sing along and some dancing while you enjoy your day.

Have an amazing World Environment Day! If you are doing something - share it with me on social media so we can show everyone all the ways we can care for the environment and stop air pollution!

Want to learn more about how much Worm Lovers really love their worms? Pop over to their website and find out about all the work they do!

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