World Environment Day

It's World Environment Day Soon! June 5th

Win a Worm Farm!

I love celebrating our precious environment. This year it’s all about air-pollution. There are many things we can do in our own homes to help prevent air-pollution.

  • Turning off lights so we are not using fossil fuels as much.

  • Riding our bike or walking instead of taking the car - it’s great for the planet and great fun too!

  • Separating food waste and turning it into compost is a big one that can make heaps of difference to our air quality! The worms will love it too!


Do you have a compost at home? Or a worm farm? Or do you have a green waste bin in your local area? I love composting - and I really love worms!

I’m going to be talking all about worm farms with you for this World Environment Day. So share with me what you have going on at your place - what do you know about compost and worms? Together we can #beatairpollution

Here is one minute with worms to get us started learning about these wriggly friends.

Join me in the lead up to World Environment day as I unwrap a worm farm and explain how fun and easy it is to use. Learn about why it is so good for our garden and our planet and then on World Environment Day you can win your own Worm Farm! Pop over to my instagram page, follow and get ready to watch all the fun live!

Click on this Insta Link - Pop over to Instagram and Follow me - then stay tuned on World Environment Day -June 5 - for the live video where - if you answer a worm question - you could win a worm farm!

Want to learn more about the environment? Here is a podcast on ABC Kids - where I talk about the environment - it’s all around us!

Click on the image to take you to the podcast.

Click on the image to take you to the podcast.

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