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Spring into Spring!

Are you ready for Spring? I am! I am so excited! I’m on a mission and it’s called…


watch this video to find out what it’s all about!

How do you like to Spring into Spring? I’d love to see what you have growing in your garden! Do you plant veggies or flowers for the bees? Do you have a backyard or a pot on your windowsill? Gardening is such a great family activity for kids. You could have a spring photoshoot! Inspire other people to get into the garden!

I’d love to see your garden photos! Make sure you tag me so I can see what you have growing! @dirtgirlworldofficial

Did you know it’s also Biodiversity Month? If we plant a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, the bees and butterflies will flock to your garden, or verandah.

If you need some help knowing what to plant, here is my planting guide - it has specific information about what to plant - where and how. Pages and pages of good information to help you get your garden rocking this spring.

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If you don’t have a garden, you can plant anywhere, and use anything! Here are some fun ideas for planting! Have you seen any fun planters lately?

Hope you have fun out there in the garden greenthumbs! Look forward to seeing what you are planting and growing. Let’s all Spring into Spring!

xxx dirtgirl