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It's Seaweek!

learndirtgirlSeaweek, seaComment
It's Seaweek!

It's Seaweek! Celebrate the Sea with Me!

This week I am diving into sea week!

Sea week is about loving our sea, getting to know stuff about the sea and discovering things we can do everyday to protect and care for the sea.

Hmmm, I wonder what a great way of sharing with you what I have found out about the sea, might be.
I could draw a picture or create a sea map...make a model of the sea....or write a story...or make up a poem...
That's it!
A poem.

To celebrate Sea Week, let's dive into my sea poem.

Are you in?
Do you want to help protect the sea too.
I reached out to the team at Plastic Oceans Australasia (POA) to ask them for their top tips to look after the sea. they are experts at knowing what do and inspiring us all to join the mission of making clean seas. They are really concerned about how much plastic is finding its way into our seas,...polluting the water, which is a big problem, and making it really hard for all the sea creatures to live freely and safely. They think it's unfair that stuff we use once and then throw away , is harming our seas ...especially when there are other ways we can do things.

I feel the same and so I made this video .
It is being played at schools during sea week to encourage kids to care for our seas.

Let's do something together about this.

Here are 3 of the POA 10 top tips for things we can do to help stop plastic polluting our seas. Do you already do some of these.? Let me know which ones you are going to start doing.

Tip #1: Cling wrap: Replace this plastic item at your lunchtime with these items:

  • Wrap your food with Beeswax or Vegan Candelila wax wraps

  • Take your sandwich in a container instead

  • use a fabric snack pack for your snack

Tip #2: Juice boxes: Juice boxes make a triple problem! The straw, the pouch of the straw and the box itself, neither of which are recyclable! Make yourself some yummy Milo or fruit juice at home and take it in a bottle.

Tip #3: Be a sipper not a sucker…say goodbye to plastic straws

Do you already do some of these.?

You can check out all of the Top 10 tips here:

Visiting the sea and sharing pictures of the sea is a way we remember how beautiful it is.

If your family are into facebook, head over to our Facebook page @dirtgirlworld to share your pic of the sea .


The sea is a precious part of our world to enjoy and love. It's home to so many incredible creatures. Thanks for habdling our seas with care. Tiogethr we are making a bright and beautiful future for us all

happy sea week.


ps- here is another really cool video about Indigenous Rangers and Beach Clean Up.