Keep Australia Beautiful

How to Keep Australia Beautiful with your Family plus a Free Kids Activity and Song Download

This week is Keep Australia Beautiful and this weekend is a great time to get involved. It’s easy and a fun activity to do with your whole family. So how to do it? What do you need?

First of all, decide with your family where your favourite place outside is. Is it a beach, or a park? A forested area, a school playground? Once you have decided make a plan of going to enjoy it this weekend. While you are there - have a family emu parade activity.

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Pack some covered shoes, a hat and a pair of gloves for everyone.

Maybe pack a picnic and make sure you take water with you.

You will also need some garbage bags or boxes to put the rubbish in.

Ready Set Go! Race you to the Rubbish!

race your rubbish to the bin.png

When you get there, take a photo of before - and after - you have done a clean up. Take a photo of all the rubbish you have picked up and share it on social media to inspire others to Keep Australia Beautiful.

Don't let your rubbish getaway from you.png

One other thing to keep in mind this year as we practice Keeping Australia Beautiful… Litter on our roadsides ends up in the habitat of animals and also in gutters that lead to the ocean. If you see litter on the roadside, grab it before it escapes and put it in the right bin.

Here is a free activity sheet for when you get home from beautifying the country!

Fill out the form above and download the song and activity sheet together.

P132 scrapbox racer activity sheet.jpg

Have fun and remember to tag me or use #dirtgirlworld so I can see your excellent work.

Have a great weekend everyone!