All the Ways we can Celebrate Girls!

All the Ways we can Celebrate Girls!

Sitting in dirtgirlworld the world seems so safe and peaceful

Here we love and respect each other and are connected to nature. As a girl in this world everything is possible…we believe in each other, support each other’s dreams and endeavours, we learn together and shine together.

But it’s not like that everywhere in the world and today the world puts its attention on the story of girls in our global community

Today is International Day of the Girl.

It’s a day where girls gather to talk about and plan a better, safer and healthier world for girls…to grow a world where girls can learn, dream and do and lead the world into a brighter future.

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world today who could grow up to change the world if they are simply given access to education and health care.

In communities where girls get the chance to shine there is more peace, more jobs and more care for the environment…and that’s gotta be good!

You don’t have to be a woman or a girl to think about International Day of the Girl…it’s a day for all of us. Fathers , brothers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, nephews and friends can also share the stories of the amazing girls in their worlds and their wishes for ways that the world can be more equal. Education, health, work and leadership should have nothing to do with who you identify as. We all have the right to a beautiful life and I dream that as we all grow together, this is the world that will shine too.

One thing I do know is that hoping and dreaming doesn’t make it so…so here are my  top tips for creating an equal place for us all to shine

Listen up

The first place to start when creating a conversation of change, is to listen. Listen to girls from all over the world as they speak about their challenges.

Speak up

Once we know what the callings are we can speak up. We can recognise and represent and make sure we speak up. Find your voice, your power and passion to make the world a better place.

Hand up

There’s so many ways we can give a hand up to girls, all over the world. We can donate, volunteers, join a campaign or look around us to see whicht girl’s need support in our neighbourhoods too!

Open up

Open up our hearts to the challenges that girls face. Be kind! Be loving! Be supportive!

Skill up

Skill up for a brighter future. learn something new. Grow your soul, your mind and your self.

Share up

Share stories where girls are the heroes. Write stories where girl’s are the heroes

For International Day of the Girl 2018, thousands of girls across the world took over positions of power. They became presidents, prime ministers, community leaders, CEOs and more. The girls were raising their voices for gender equality. And the leaders and decision-makers who stepped aside demonstrated their commitment to the rights of girls.

To commemorate the UN's International Day of the Girl Child, ABC News spoke to seven girls living vastly different lives around the world. Here, they share their hopes for change in their own communities.

Hanging out with an awesome girl I met at Lost Lands Festival. Girls Rock!

Hanging out with an awesome girl I met at Lost Lands Festival. Girls Rock!

The theme for
Day of The Girl in 2019 is "Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow".

What does that mean to you?

How can we power up girls to have a brighter tomorrow, especially in places that are dealing with hard times.

We can always  support organisations and campaigns that work on the ground to help girls. There are plenty around and you can ask your family and friends what how they are connecting to helping girls across the globe or search with your family online to find one that is meaningful to you.

Let’s Do This!!!

Who is your girl hero? Let’s celebrate them! Share a pic or video, or even just let me know - who is your hero? Pop your comments below. I cant wait to read about them!

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