Grubby Toast

Grubby Toast - So Sweet!

I made some unicorn and mermaid toast with my new friends in Minalton, you might have seen it in my blog. It got me thinking. I do love mermaids and unicorns but what I love even more, is getting outside, getting grubby, being in nature and loving the planet.

So I decided to invent something new…something special…something grubby. Grubby Toast! I thought about what I love about being outside in nature and then I let my imagination take over.

Here is how I made my sweet treat grubby toasts!

The ingredients were things I found in my fridge or in my garden that were sweet and tasty. Things like chocolate spread, tahini, grapes, dates, kiwi fruit and edible flowers. I had some coco nibs to crush up for texture. I sliced them all up into cool shapes and small pieces so that I could start to decorate. To make the colourful sky and grass I used coconut yoghurt and natural food dye.

Then I started dreaming of all the places I love getting grubby outside. Like under my favourite tree…


where my heart feels happy and grubby!


On our beautiful planet earth. Does it look like the earth to you?


Thinking about the earth made my heart explode with joy and flowers!


This was almost too beautiful to eat!


Would you like to make some Grubby Toast for Earth Day? I would love to see it! Use #GrubbyToast so I can get to see what makes you happy!

Happy Earth Day!

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 4.35.50 pm.png