Get ready for ICAW!                                               Join Costa's Free Compost E-course.
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ICAW -International Compost Awareness Week.

It’s coming up soon - 6 - 12 May.

Are you ready for it?

It’s all about writing a new story about waste together! Our food scraps are not rubbish! They hate it when they get sent to landfill. They want another life, a new adventure. They want to be loved and transformed into the hero of the story. They have dreams! They want to become nutrient rich soil, the future healthy home to healthy food. You can help write the story!

Have you got your compost rocking?

Did you know you can join Costa’s Bintensive Compost Course for FREE?

You can become a compost rockstar in just 5 fun filled sessions jam-packed with video’s, quizzes and downloadable activities!

Learn all about how to make your own compost at home! Show us what you are doing with your compost by using the #compostrocks and #betterchange

Also - you can sing along to Get Funky in the Compost, while you compost!

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The compost Rocks course has lots of free downloads and information also on how to rock your green bin!

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Get funky in the compost is from the CD - dirtgirl rocks the planet available on CD or digital download!