dirtgirl and scrapboy LIVE in SA at The Yorkes Community Food Fair
love food club 1.jpg

dirtgirl at The Yorkes Community Food Fair with our Love Food Club!

31 March 2019 in the Minlaton Town Hall.

dirtgirl and scrapboy and their LOVE FOOD CLUB are bringing the good tastes and the good times to the COMMUNITY FOOD FAIR! at Minlaton Town Hall South Australia.

Sunday March 31

10.30am and 12.30 pm

 And at 3pm catch them for FOOD DREAMING

A 30 minute whole community workshop led by dirtgirl and scrapboy to dream about how local food, food growing , composting and living healthy can transform where we live.

Hosted by Yorke Peninsula Council. It’ a FREE event. BONUS!

This is our first visit to South Australia and we cant wait to connect with the country and plays and creatures and people of the York Peninsula.

See you there, Yorkies!