Earth Hour  #connect 2earth

Earth Hour this week - Saturday 30th March 8.30pm

This Saturday night! Watch us LIVE on the @dirtgirlworld facebook page for Earth Hour 2019 - we'll be going live from a secret location in Australia before we switch off and #connect2earth

You can join the fun by commenting #connect2earth and your postcode!

When I look at the stars I feel so humbled about being a part of this earth! 

For Schools- Friday 29th March

What are you doing at your school today for earth hour? You can pop onto the Earth Hour social media to see what kids are doing all around the world at their school! There is also an Earth Hour Solar Lights Challenge to provide solar lights to children living in remote communities in Papua New Guinea.

Iā€™d love to see what you are doing at your school for Earth Hour!

Here is a poem I wrote about the stars! Do you have a song or a poem you could share with me?

Here is a special song for you to stargaze to.

Can you spot where you live? This is amazing!!!

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 4.35.50 pm.png