Rug Up for the Planet!

Rug Up for the Planet!

Winter Challenge! Rug Up to Cool Down the Planet!

It’s winter time now in Australia, so how about a winter challenge?

Did you know?...

About 30% of all energy used at your place is used heating your house

and about 20% of your body heat can be lost through

the top of even a normal sized head.

You can do the math.....or just pop on a beanie!

But seriously, heating our houses takes an enormous amount of power

and creates heaps of carbon in our atmosphere and that’s what we don’t want!

Calling all earth kids I challenge you to ...rug up to cool down the planet! 

If everyone in your family joins the rug up challenge by popping on warmer clothes this winter, then you can all help cool the planet a little

by turning the heating in your house down a little.

Even 1 degree can make a big difference to the power bill and to the planet.

You can create your very own climate!

Here I am, Rugged Up to Cool Down the Planet!

I’d love to see your pix of being rugged up!

You can share them with me on Instagram.


Other things I do are....

just heating the rooms I am using

keeping active to keep warm

closing the curtains in my house so the heat doesn’t leak out


making and using draught stopper sausages at the bottom of my doors

to stop the cold air sneaking in.

Here is a snake draught stopper I made out of an old tie! You can see the steps in the pictures. You can stuff it with anything, sand, rice, old clothes - anything that makes it heavy enough.

Little things can make a BIG difference.

See you next time

dirtgirl xxx

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.56.08 pm.png

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