The Great Northern Beach Clean Up!

The Great Northern Beach Clean Up!

Fun ways for Families to get involved in The Great Northern Beach Clean Up.

Did you know that the Great Northern Clean Up happens up North (in Australia) between August - September? Last year they had over 3,000 people helping to clean up parks, beaches, rivers, towns - anywhere! They cleaned up over 2,000 Ute Loads - that’s a lot of Rubbish!

There is an other important clean up that is happening up in the North - The Indigenous Rangers are protecting our Northern Coastline from diseases and pests that float in from rubbish washed onto the beach. This is an important clean up that is happening all year round.

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The Great Northern Beach Clean Up. It’s the best Emu Parade Ever!

All you need is a pair of gloves and off you go!

Here are some fun ways you can get involved with your family…


Get your school involved

Make it a fun ‘get to know you’ activity for families to meet up at the school and collect rubbish from the school ground, outside on the fence lines and nearby areas. You will have a really clean school!

Go play at the park or playground

While you are there see how much rubbish you can pick up in between each go on the swings!

Not up North? Have a a clean up anyway! It will be fun to just be outside helping the planet!

Have a picnic

Take your family on a picnic to your favourite local place - a beach, a river, a hill. While you are there, go on an emu parade around the area and pick up any bits of rubbish you can find. Make a game of it - the person who picks up the most rubbish is the winner!

Get your Business involved

Run a team building activity for everyone at work to bring their friends and families. Clean up the whole area near your business and then have a photoshoot with everyone to share on your social media!


Go for a ride around the neighbourhood on your bike

Put your gloves and a bag in your basket and stop to pick up each bit of rubbish you see around the neighbourhood.

Share your experience and inspire others to get involved!

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