World Bird Day

Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution!

Happy Migratory Bird Day

Birds are such incredible creatures

The soar and glide and fly across the globe

I’m a bit jealous of how easy it for birds to take off and fly away!

But I’m not jealous of how they are being harmed by plastic in our oceans and waterways

We can help our birds and the environment by not choosing to use single use plastic stuff.

That’s thing that are made to be used and then tosses…like plastic straws, plastic packaging  and especially plastic bags.

It really is time for us to break up with them for good

And that’s where I can help you!

Sign up for my plastic bag detox and in 21 day become a reusable bag user….every time you head to the shops.

As a family you can all help to remember your bags

It’s usually costs $5 to join up but if you sign up before Monday 13th May you can have it for free!

Let’s do everything we can to look after birds, keep plastics out of our environment and handle our oceans with care

Sign up for this FREE program and every day we'll send you one simple, bite-size, doable thing: a tip, picture, video or activity to help you to stop using plastic bags and make reusable bags second nature in your life.

With downloadable DIY reminders to hang on your door knob, stick on your dashboard or attach to your keyring … this program is serious about breaking up with plastic bags.

Getting started is easy!

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