NO PLANet B- tips for families marching in Climate Strike

NO PLANet B- tips for families marching in Climate Strike


On Friday September the 20th, something big is happening. Kids from all round the globe are calling for adults to join with them to gather and march with signs, chant slogans and share speeches to let our decision makers know ,that caring for the planet is really important. Some people call it a rally, some a march , some a strike, some a protest. People have always stood up for what they believe like this. Sometimes it’s been about making sure our rights are protected or our water is clean or that kids aren’t used as slaves or that people are paid fairly. Sometimes it’s to bring attention to world hunger or for helping refugees or even caring for koalas,. Speaking up is something really positive and powerful. How else will people know how we feel. Sometimes it’s hard to guess just how many people want something to change. So sometimes, coming together is the best way to show just what is important to us all. In dirtgirlworld, we live in a place where you are encouraged to stand up for the things you believe in. YES!

One girl started this school kids strike. Her name is Greta Thunberg. Have you heard of her
She simply wanted how she felt about climate change, to be heard. One year ago, she started her own strike. She simple sat outside the parliament house in her country, Sweden, with a sign. The first day she sat all alone but on the second day people started joining her. And they haven’t stopped joining her. It was on day 3 of her strike that we first shared her story on our facebook page. I was amazed at how fast the news spread. Now thousands of kids from around the world, join her on special days, like Friday this week.
She thinks the same as me. No one is too small to make a difference.
If you want to know more about her . This is her story.

I have decided to answer the call of the kids across the globe and join them on Friday. I’m leaving dirtgirlworld and heading to the Domain in Sydney. If you and your family are going there too, you can meet me and we can all walk together.

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I like to call what is happening on Friday a Planet Parade. It’s a chance for us to share what we love about this incredible world and that how together, we can make sure that we care for it, by making great choices for the future of our planet. Our future , Our planet-  that’s one of my favourite slogans.

If you are with me in Sydney or at any of the other parades or even if you are at home with your family and friends … here are some things we can all do.

  • Carry a sign or a banner….using recycled cardboard , make a sign that says how you feel in your heart. I’m making a double sided sign…on one side I am going to write what I love about this beautiful world. On the other side, I’m writing Our Future Our Planet You might like to do the same.

  • Practice your chanting…use the voice that you use when you need you mum or dad to get you something…you know, your outside voice… that loud one!

  • Bring your planet values with you. Pack waste free snacks, bring a refillable water bottle and don’t leave any rubbish behind - take everything you bring with you home again. We don’t need overflowing bins in the city that could blow litter everywhere after we leave.

  • Wear a hat, pop on sunscreen, long sleeves, comfy clothes and really comfortable shoes.

  • It’s going to be a long day so pop on your happy goggles and be bring your best attitude. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or tired, tell your adults and have a little rest. You can refresh yourself… have a sip of water , take a deep breath , close your eyes and feel the love you have for your favourite place in nature or your favourite animal or the beach or the forest and feel inspired to keep going.

  • If you are going to a city parade, there are going to be a lot of people there…like thousands of people. Stick with your group, have a plan if you get separated and make sure you have your contact number somewhere on you…a card in your pocket or in your shoe or written underneath a bracelet. Know your plan but most importantly stick with your group. There will be police people around that can help out too.

  • Some kids will be pumped up and some kids will look angry and will be shouting…it’s how they are expressing. They are not angry at you.

  • I’m going to keep it happy and joyous.. I’m going to dance as I walk and wave at people and share the love and hope that I hold in my heart. You can do that too if you like.

  • People might ask you why you are marching. There will be news cameras and reporters who might be interested in your story. They may also may want to know why it is so important to you that you would choose to skip school for a few hours. ( You may not even go to school, yet). So have a good think about what you feel in your heart, find your voice, talk about it with your family and tell me on the day too… as I really care about what you think and how you are feeling.

  • Have fun, celebrate the love we have for the planet, feel the energy and let your planet wishes be heard.

I’ll be streaming parts of our Parade, LIVE on Facebook so you can join me there. You can also tag your messages, pics and posts from wherever you are- on FB or Instagram with Global#climatestrike and #dirtgirlworld - that way I can find them and comment on them too.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the details of what time and where to meet me at the Domain in Sydney

Together we can make a difference. We can protect what we love and write a better story for the future. I really believe this!

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