National Tree Day

I love trees- Today is National Tree Day for Schools!

It’s time to talk trees.

Trees are amazing!

Did you know that trees help us breath and not just us… they help every living creature breathe.

It’s like this… we and nearly all other creatures need oxygen to live.

We breathe it in from the air around us.

Our bodies use the oxygen from the air to make the energy we need to live
and then we breath out what we don’t need…including some carbon dioxide.


Guess what trees need to ‘breath in’ to survive?.......CO2
And guess what trees ‘breathe out’…Well luckily for us it’s ….oxygen!
Basically, trees filter and clean the air that we breathe
…and store the carbon in their roots, wood and leaves.

Without trees we would be in big trouble.


Planet Ark and National Tree Day agree that:

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You can celebrate trees in lots of ways

Plan a visit to a forest or talk a walk in a park with trees
Picnic under a tree
Dance in the trees

But what we would really love to see is for you to go outside, connect with a tree and give it a really beautiful hug! Put your heart on a tree! Share your tree hug photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @dirtgirlworldoffical so we can share your image and inspire the world to love and hug trees!

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Here’s something cool to know…. the scientific shortcut name for oxygen is O2  and for carbon dioxide it is CO2
People and creatures cant’ live on CO2 …if we breathe in too much CO2 it can be very poisiness.

So, if we breathe out CO2
 how come the air isn’t so filled with it that we are harmed??

Well that’s where the awesomeness of trees comes into it. 



Here’s an other fact …one grown up leafy tree makes as much oxygen in a season
as10 people breath in , in a year. Amazing

When trees are cut down and burn them to make way for other sorts of farming and housing we unlock the carbon that is happily stored in the trees, back into the air…ooops …not a great idea.
Planting trees is one sure way to look after the planet.


…then you can also
click on the image here to download my ‘trees’ kit.. a special free gift for you on Tree Day! It has so many fun activities, things to learn, games to play - all about celebrating trees!

Click the image to download free tree kit!

Click the image to download free tree kit!

National Tree Day for everyone is on Sunday 28 July.

Hug a tree!

Let us know what you are doing to celebrate!

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