How to get your garden buzzing! + FREE POSTER

How to get your garden buzzing! + FREE POSTER


I love bees - I love their happy yellow stripes! I love the buzzing sound they make - it let's me know that they're around and helping my garden grow... And most of all, I love their bum dance! Seriously - if you get your garden bee ready, bees will do a special bum dance to signal to their friends to come on over! Now if that's not an awesome reason to get our gardens buzzing, I don't know what is... 

Game time!

TRUE FACT / FALSE FACT… Buzz in if you know the answer (see what I did there....)

The buzzing sound of a bee is actually the sound their wings make as they flap 11,400 times per minute...

TRUE FACT!!! Mind. Blown....

Speaking of facts, do you know what? We love bees so much that we even dress up as them! Haha!

Costa, scrapboy and I dressed as one of our faves - BEES!

Costa, scrapboy and I dressed as one of our faves - BEES!


Let's learn some more things about these amazing insects that we love! The more we know about them, the more we can protect them!

1. Bees take the pollen and nectar from flowering plants and carry it to other plants that need it; including our vegetables! Without bees it's much harder to grow the food in our gardens!

2. Did you know that 1/3 of ALL the world's food relies on bees for pollination? One third!!!! That means we need bees for the food that we love!

3. There are around 20,00 types of bees! And here in Australia, we have 1,700 species of native bees alone! In our gardens, we want native bees as well as honey bees. Native bees aren't as social as other bees and they don't make honey, but they sure are important for our ecosystems and our food! I'm always trying to attract native bees to my garden.  


1. The main story when it comes to bees is DIVERSITY! Wewant different types of bees to come into our garden, and for that - we need different types of flours! One easy clue here is COLOUR! Plant flowers that are all different colours. One trickier tip? Some bees get their pollen & nectar from teeny tiny flowers, while other bees like eating from flowers that are more open. So plant a whole diverse range! Easy to get food = well fed bees!

Flowers like these rock:

  • Bottlebrush

  • Grevillea

  • Abelia

  • Native Sarsparilla

  • Wattle varieties (Acacia)

Bees will also love non-native flowers like marigold, geranium and sunflowers! No wonder I love bees - sunflowers are my favourite flower!

dirtgirl sniffs a sunflower.jpg

CLICK here to download (for FREE!) a beautiful bee-friendly poster - it's a little gift from me to you! You can pop it on your wall - I find it super handy when I'm wondering what to plant next!

2. Plant veggies and herbs that they'll love. Here's some goodies:

  • Mint, 

  • Parsley

  • Thyme

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary, 

  • Yarrow

  • Comfrey

  • Caspicum

  • Brassicas

  • Zucchini

  • Pumpkin 

  • Squash

Not only will the bees be dancing with joy; in return, having pollinators around will make your Cucurbits will go off! 

Here I am with a pumpkin that my bee friends helped me grow!

Here I am with a pumpkin that my bee friends helped me grow!

3. Have lovely fresh water around!

You can create little drinking spots for your bees using little containers. Be sure to also pop in a few rocks and stones for the bees to perch on - bees aren't known for their swimming!

So there you have it - three of my best tips to help you get your garden buzzing! I also LOVE building bee hotels! But that’s a whole other blog… One bonus tip though? OK… bees don't like nasty chemicals! So keeping your garden free of them will definitely seal the deal when it comes to getting your garden buzzing! 

Until next blog,

Stay grubby!
dirtgirl xx

PS. Don’t forget to download your poster!! Xx