Grubby Toast - So Savoury for Earth Day

Grubby Toast - So Savoury and ready for Earth Day

I am super exited about making Grubby Toast for Earth Day. It’s one of my favourite days of the year and so I love to do something special to celebrate it. You can join in the celebration and make your own Grubby Toast. Make sure you take a pic to share with me and tag it with #GrubbyToast ….so I can get to see what you have made.

Here is how I made Savoury Grubby Toast.

First I collected together all the ingredients that I thought would taste delicious together. Things like my home- made Vegemite - which is tasty and salty. To make the sky and grass I used natural food colouring in cashew cheese. I used turmeric to make the yellow sand. Then other things like cooked lentils, micro greens, sun-dried tomato, nori sheets, baby pickled cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and of course - toast!

Then I started thinking of places I love to get grubby, like in my garden watching the little seeds turn into plants and veggies and big trees


…or into beautiful flowers blooming in the blue sky


Sometimes I love getting grubby at the beach and I do love going out in my boat on the lake!


I love going for a long walk over a big hill under the blue sky.


What do you love to do outside? Can you make some grubby toast to show me? #GrubbyToast

Happy Earth Day!

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 4.35.50 pm.png