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Watch Country-Handle With Care

Across the top end, Top Watch! and the Indigenous Rangers are monitoring the health of Australia. And now dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa the Garden Gnome are helping to spread the word far and wide to help travellers and communities to become a #biosecuritychampion

Are you a nature detective? We need your eyes to help keep unwanted pests and diseases in check.

Picking up rubbish on beaches, rivers and lakes is a great way you can help stop pests, diseases and weeds that can hitch-hike on our waste from one area to another. 

When you do pick up litter, check it for signs of things that aren’t quite right.

If something seems odd, take a photo on your phone and report it to Top Watch! or a Ranger.

Growing food at home is great, but sometimes fruit and vegetables attract unwanted visitors.

We can all be biosecurity champions, whether we live in leafy suburbs, on properties or in apartment blocks in towns and cities.

Unwanted pests can get into the most unlikely places… even your suitcase when you return from a holiday!


Be a #biosecuritychampion

Biosecurity: it’s everyone’s business.

Country – Handle with Care