A scrappy Easter challenge for this weekend!

A scrappy Easter challenge for this weekend!



dirtgirl here!

No wait, haha! It's not just me today - I'm here writing with my bestie, scrapboy!

Say hi to scrappy everyone! 

We think it's an eggcellent time of year!

The seasons are changing and whether you're celebrating Spring in the Northern Hemisphere or Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, new life is in the air!

In fact - the egg we all think belongs to Easter? It's actually an ancient symbol of new life! And whether it's watching new life blooming in my garden or giving new life to old stuff, scrapboy and I LOVE celebrating cycles in life! 

So this week,
scrapboy and I
have a challenge you -

a snack-tacular challenge
that is no yolk! 

Our favourite snacks are the ones that come wrapper-free... because we think #wastefree stuff rocks! We don't need our morning tea to leave plastic packaging in our playground or to pollute our planet. 

But when our food does come packed in something, we choose packaging that's recyclable. 
Did you know that the little foil wrappers around Easter eggs are recyclable?! Yep! So here's our challenge to you this weekend!

scrapboys scrappy Easter Challenge

For every choccy egg you eat, we challenge you to…

  1. Take the lil foil wrappers
    and scrunch them up into an ‘earth shape’

  2. Monday April 22
    ( the day after Easter Sunday)… Share a pic of your foil wrapper EARTH
    with the hashtags
    #scrappyeaster & #earthday2019


    April 22nd 

    is Earth Day! 

When you’re done, pop it into the Recycling bin! You'll be showing your love for our planet by handling your egg wrappers with care!

Let’s recap on this scrap-tacular challenge!

We can't wait to share the sweet celebrations and this challenge with you this weekend! 
Love dirtgirl xx