Harmony Week 17-23 March

Harmony Week 17-23 March

Harmony Week 17-23 March

Everyone Belongs!

Harmony week is about celebrating The World’s Diversity! Are you doing anything fun at your school, playgroup or neighbourhood? I’d love to hear about it!

Some people wear the colour orange to show they are celebrating. What will you do?

You might even like to write and share a poem or a song. Here’s my Harmony Day Spoken Word…feel free to speak it, anytime.

Not judging you...
You not judging me...
For the food you eat
the clothes I bear
what I honour or 
what you wear 
over your hair.
For the music I love
or your taste in art 
for the loving values 
deep in your heart  
If it's coming from good
for the good…it’s good 
yet it still could be 
different from me...
we dont have to agree
It’s like notes in a song
that more than get along
that soar for the blending
from the merging
each note has its place
its form and its grace
shining because of the unity
That's the beauty of harmony.

by dirtgirl 
Harmony Day 2019