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World Op Shop Week!

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World Op Shop Week!

World Op Shop Week!

Guess what…It’s Op shop week!

Have you ever been to an Op shop?

Some people call them thrift shops or swap shops or second-hand shops.

What do you call them?

They are full of things for sale that people have given to them to sell

We call that type of giving, donating.

Many Op shops are run by Charities. They are groups of people who collect our unwanted stuff to give to people who need it or to sell it to make some money to help people out of hard times.

Have you ever had a sort through your things and donated what you don’t need anymore to an Op shop.

I’ve often wondered what the ‘OP’ in Op shop stands for?

So, opportunity is great word that means a chance.

  • A chance for us to care for others

  • A chance for groups to help people

It’s good to know that when you donate stuff or buy stuff from a charity op shop you’re helping people who really need help. Lots of op shops use the money they make from the stuff we give them to help our homeless people, our people who have lost their things in floods and fires, our people who  are struggling because of the drought and our families who find themselves in need of help

  • A chance to grab a bargain at an Op shop

I’ve found some of my favourite things ever at Op shops and they are so cheap.

It really is the case that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure

Remember when I visited an op shop on Earth Day

Did you know that buying something from an op shop is recycling

  • A chance for us to give our stuff to others rather than throwing it in the bin. So it’s also an opportunity for the planet not to have to deal with more rubbish

 I love this one. A chance to share what we no longer need with other people. Have you got clothes or toys that you no longer need? Maybe you have grown out of them. We all grow so fast. We can give them to the rest of the family or our friends but we can also donate them to an Op shop. We can give the stuff we don’t need, that is still in great shape, to others. And that’s a way better Option than putting that good stuff in the bin and sending it to landfill. Our old clothes and toys and things don’t get recycled in our kerbside collection bin. There’s no system to do that. There’s no person hand sorting the landfill bin. It gets sent straight to landfill and ends up in a hole in the ground forever. So let’s stop that habit and start the habit of sharing, swapping and donating stuff that we have that is still great to wear or use.

So many chances…so many opportunities….so much fun!

This month, I’m going Op shop crazy. One week just isn’t long enough

I’ve made up some photo challenges.

I’ll be sharing these challenges on Facebook and Instagram but because you read my blog  (thank you very much) I’m giving you a head-start on how we are rocking the Op shop during October…or is that OPtober  or maybe Rocktober…hmmm, I’ll get back to you on that!


Check out the challenges and use #dirtgirlworldoffical so I can get to see your pics!


The dirtgirl Op Shop challenge 1

Rock Ya Op shop look

Take a pic and share it on my socials.

Dress up in clothes you have got from the op shop and join my green carpet collection of happy snaps


The dirtgirl Op Shop challenge 2

Thrifty Halloween

Get ready to REfuse a waste filled spooky Halloween and choose to Reduce and REuse

Share on my socials your ideas for second hand decorations and recycled costumes


dirtgirl Opshop week 3

Pass it forward

It’s not too late to spring clean your wardrobe or toy chest

Find 10 great things to pass forward…donate them to your favourite op shop

Make second hand toys and things part of your Holiday wish list


dirtgirl Op shop challenge 4

Halloween Green - Carpet

It’s time to rock my Halloween Green Carpet

Send in a pic of you in your opshop/ recycled costume and show the world how to party for the planet – spooky style!


Can’t wait to see all your pics! Have a fun week everyone!

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